London Bridge builds a future where all children, and those who care for them, belong to learning communities that intentionally offer time and space to build relationships, contribute their voice, and realize their potential.


We nurture curious minds and kind hearts by providing and promoting childcare and education. Our innovative culture values our youngest citizens, engages employees, partners with families, and strengthens community.



Our belief about children

We believe in the competencies of all children. We view every child as being full of potential and believe that all children have a natural desire to learn and make meaning of their world. We believe that children have the right to live fully in their own childhood – not to be rushed through it.

Our History

London Bridge Child Care Services began in 1993, born over a conversation about what high-quality child care could look like. The organization started by amalgamating several existing child care centres in London, and has grown into a network that includes 14 Early Childhood Learning Centres, and also Extended Day programs (Before and After School care).

Behind the Scenes

Administratively, London Bridge is unique from many other child care centres. The ultimate responsibility for the organization rests with our Board of Directors, which is comprised primarily of current and former parents. We believe in transparency, social responsibility and the safe and secure provision of quality child care services.

Our Head Office (located at 550 Fanshawe Park Rd in London, the lower level of the Stoneybrook Early Childhood Learning Centre) works as a support team for our Centres, structured around the following:

Our Centre Teams: a holistic approach
  • Co-Executive Directors, Charlene Grainger and Angela Woodburn

  • Program Team, led by our Director of Education, Anne Marie Coughlin

  • Human Resources

  • Operations / Facilities

  • Finance/Administration

Our Centre Teams

At London Bridge a whole team of people supports your child, and your family. This unique structure welcomes your family into a learning community that extends beyond an individual classroom.

All members of our Centre Teams come together regularly to network, learn together, and be mentored by our extraordinary pedagogical leaders.



We are fortunate to share the innovative work and brilliant minds that we nurture inside our centres. This work gets displayed throughout our classrooms and common areas in our centres, and we also reach out beyond our walls in a variety of ways.


  • Read "Moving Towards a Shared Vision", the cover story featured in the child care magazine, "Exchange". In it we talk about the long process of creating lasting organizational change at London Bridge.

  • We shared stories in the London-based magazine "Mom and Caregiver" from 2012 - 2015. All these publications, that have been studied at the college-level, have been archived here.

  • Our Director of Education, Anne Marie Coughlin, has contributed to the Ministry of Education's Early Years division, discussing the qualities needed to be a "pedagogical leader" in the Early Years. View these articles and videos.


  • Our Artist-in-Residence invited people aged one to 100 years old to consider five carefully selected pieces of public art. A nine-month long exploration culminated in an art exhibit that highlighted the continuity of thinking that accompanies us throughout our lives, with the intention of strengthening the fabric of our community by weaving the voices of children into it. The exhibit ran at the London Children's Museum in June 2015. View all the exhibit panels, and a brief article.

  • Together, with ReForest London and Museum London, preschool children explored the question, "What would a world look like with few trees and with many trees?" They expressed themselves with bright bold acrylic paint and words to make us all think. Take a look at this video, and be inspired by our youngest citizens.

  • "Kids Helping Kids" is an annual walkathon hosted by all our centres, and raises money for ChildCan and the Ronald McDonald House. It was born almost thirty years ago, a result of two experiences. The first was a London Bridge family receiving a childhood cancer diagnosis; the second was Educators brainstorming with children on ways to help support this family. Read about it here.

  • We recognize and honour that children are contributing members of communities that make a difference. Every day we work to make sure that our youngest citizens have opportunities to build relationships, contribute their voice and realize their potential.

    In doing so, we collaborate and engage with members of our diverse communities. Children get to know all the people who make up Early Childhood Learning Centres. We say hello to postal workers. We walk to parks. We get into kitchens and work with Cooks. We gather together in circles, in both large and small groups. We get to know nature & plant community gardens.

We nurture curious minds and kind hearts - one hello, one smile, one question - at a time.


All the work we do is rooted in these core values. They help us align what we do inside our centres and behind the scenes, and guide our decision making.

Life Long Learning
We believe that we all share a responsibility to support and nurture the children’s and our own natural desire to be lifelong learners. We put ourselves and our learning on the same level as the child’s, and commit ourselves to our own professional and personal growth. As we learn alongside the children and their families, we embrace the opportunity to learn and grow that each day, each activity and each situation presents for us.

Relationships are the foundation on which the organization operates. We believe the quality of the care we provide is measured by the quality of the relationships we have with the children, families, employees, suppliers, funders, legislators and our environments. We are committed to ensuring these relationships are respectful; warm and caring; honest and open; and fair and equitable.

The Pursuit of Excellence
In our efforts to continuously improve, we are dynamic. We have the courage to lead; the willingness to take appropriate risk; and the strength to be creative. We are accepting of change that strengthens and improves us.

Fiscal and Corporate Accountability
We are committed to financial prudence and stability – to making decisions that take into account and are based on the short, medium and long term goals and objectives of the corporation. We conduct ourselves and our business in a manner that is legal, moral and ethical.

We are committed to conversations that are openly cooperative and collaborative. We welcome all perspectives; we value and respect all points of view. We give and receive information and feedback in a timely manner. We expect the same from others.

Sense of Well Being
There is joy and hopefulness in the work we do and the relationships we have with others. We care about the whole health of our people and understand that optimal well being includes not only the balance of work and family life but also ensuring that mental, physical, emotional, environmental and spiritual health are maintained.


At London Bridge, we welcome feedback, including feedback on our program and services for individuals with disabilities: VIEW our accessibility plan.