The Stories We Tell

We didn’t begin careers in Early Childhood Education with the intention of becoming storytellers. Yes, the work can involve reading picture books to small children, but we didn’t envision our future selves consistently sharing the stories of what we see inside Early Childhood Learning Centres, and encouraging others to do so, too.

We’ve become a culture of storytellers at London Bridge, a culture that took shape in the pages of Mom and Caregiver. Every month, for over three years, we reached beyond our walls to share stories that highlight children’s competencies and our work in supporting them.

We shared stories that highlight creativity, problem solving, connecting to the earth, and children’s insatiable curiosity and deep desire to understand how the world works. It has been our hope to make meaning of childhood moments and show the richness that exists in daily experiences.

We shared stories about the brilliance of children because we champion their rights and advocate for the power of play.

We shared stories from inside our classrooms, kitchens, playgrounds and communities, and do so for our own growth and to engage with others. We are grateful for the dedicated team of Educators, support staff and Directors that continually share their thinking and passion.

We shared stories because it helps document our own journey as an organization. London Bridge began in 1993, and over the past twenty-two years we have evolved and grown our understanding around the joys and complexities of childhood. While we continue to study advancements in the early childhood field and learn from our own practice, there are several truths we can conclusively offer:

  • Children have a powerful desire to become a part of a community.Please see them as our youngest citizens and invite their voice into conversations.

  • Every child is unique and has their own way of making meaning of the world around them. Please honour everyone’s abilities and see them through a lens of strength.

  • A child’s brain is the most powerful learning machine on the planet. Please keep learning yourself, because growing children need adults who keep growing, too.

At London Bridge we believe in the power of stories as they can touch our hearts, engage our minds and ignite our spirits. We will continue to share them, and you can find them on this new blog. 

We’d like to continue the dialogue about the brilliance of young children, and share the work we do to nurture curiosity and kindness.

Thank you for be continued.